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Company Introduction

DAFEX is a professional enterprise service provider where headquartered in Moscow. It committed to the world's top financial technology innovation for a long time. Based on advanced block chain and AI technology, DAFEX is going to build a world-class intelligent trading platform for digital assets. Automatically intelligent trading system is a very important project for DAFEX. Ukraine R & D Center has set up an experienced team. They have good technologies and perfect equipment. Not only to provide trading services for customers, but also to provide technical support. DAFEX provides traders with diversified financial products and intelligent digital asset management solutions by developing new technologies. DAFEX has strict planning for the future. We will increase investment to create more and more stable wealth for investors.

Fintech R&D and Application

Block Chain Technology R&D and Application

Artificial Intelligence Trading System

Big Data and Cloud Computing

Financial Data Management Center

Global Information Service Center

Digital Assets Management

Digital Intelligent Community

Core Leadership

DAFEX CEOConnor Campbell

Core Leadership

DAFEX COOGulshan Ibrahim

Elite Team

DAFEX CTOHaywood Tuener

Elite Team

DAFEX CMOStiven Diarra

About Project

What is DAFEX smart trading system?

Adopting intelligent technology to trade and manage digital assets. Make those idle digital money more valuable.

What functions does the automatic intelligent trading system have?

  • Digital currency asset automatic management.
  • Automatically links prices and data on the world's leading exchanges.
  • Automated analysis of nearly 2,000 digital currencies worldwide.
  • Automated evaluation and screening of value currencies, and take them into the scope of monitoring.

How does the DAFEX intelligent automated trading system work?

  • 24 hours continuous monitoring. Automatically trading at the right time.
  • Intelligent analysis of optimal strategies for the purpose of maximizing profit.
DAFEX holds the US MSB (Money Service Business) licence. The license number is 31000135122670. MSB licenses are the financial licenses issued by the Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FinCEN) which belongs the U.S. Treasury Department. In March 2018, the US Treasury Department explicitly stressed that the MSB license must be registered with FinCEN for digital asset businesses in US. MSB licenses are regulated by the U.S. Treasury Department. The main regulatory targets are businesses and enterprises related to financial services. Including digital currency and virtual currency transactions, as well as foreign exchange, international remittances, international payments and other businesses. The U.S. Treasury has strict registration requirements. It has the right to monitor all financial market activities in real time. DAFEX is a highly regulated broker. All aspects of performance in a leading position. Our key value is shown in:

Isolation of Customer Funds

Good Reputation

Superior Management Teams

Superior Trading Conditions

Take Trust and Respect as Core Values

Focus on Customer Service


Excess return investment strategies based on individual situations
Use AI & cutting-edge strategies to drive your asset growth
To provide excellent services to the customers base on the principle of science, equity and reality
To create an automatic trading system based on artificial intelligence technology

MSB Licenses & Company Licence

Fund Safety Regulation and Cryptocurrency Community

Digital Asset Future Exchange (DAFEX) holds the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (IFMRRC) certificate of compliance in the field of financial services and a full member of the Crypto Valley Switzerland ethics organization and the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB) as well as a global partner of World Blockchain and Cybersecurity Summit. We also remain actively seeking new jurisdictions with increased regulation for Bitcoin /Crypto-related funds. As a very new trading instrument, many regulators have been slow to adopt new legislation welcoming the new industry.

Learn more about the IFMRRC:

International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (IFMRRC) is a non-commercial organization created for the purpose of regulating the quality of services provided by brokers and dealing centers, as well as the reliability of services provided by participants.
The Center employs certification of financial organizations to achieve its statute purposes. It signifies that every company undergoes a detailed inspection and receives a certain type of certificate of compliance based upon the audit results. Issuing the certificates of a certain level is strictly regulated by the Center’s internal documents. The certified companies are guaranteed to comply with IFMRRC conditions for the provision of fair and high quality services to its clients.

The main scope of IFMRRC activities includes

Minimizing risks for the
financial market participants

Evaluation of financial organizations’ activities
and their subsequent certification

Development of financial organizations evaluation
systems with subsequent implication of the systems

Establishment of the compensation fund for the
clients of the companies certified by IFMRRC

Coordination of financial market participants’ activities

Learn more about the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain:

The International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB) was founded to create a community of strong countries` representatives with the initiative for the international co-working and business cooperation. The International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is to work out basic principles of market legal regulation and synchronize law initiatives in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency; to organize community of experts, ideologists and professionals and to protect the market from frauds, scams and unfair practices. The primary objective of the Association is to uplift the Blockchain ecosystem and community and to address the critical skills gap with respect to Blockchain technology. We are proud to unite the IDACB Members from all over the world who work locally, regionally, and internationally to connect with both global leaders and best practitioners to educate, develop and empower the international Blockchain community.

Learn more about World Blockchain and Cybersecurity (WBC) Summit
Learn more about Crypto Valley - The Ethical Cryptocurrency Community

The Crypto Valley Association is an independent, government-supported association established to take full advantage of Switzerland’s strengths to build the world’s leading blockchain and cryptographic technologies ecosystem.

Three Major Advantages

  • Rich fundamental information, and real-time monitoring of 132 countries around the world:

    AIT automatic intelligent trading system uses advanced intelligent technology to monitor fundamental information in 132 countries in real time. It able to solves all your problems in digital currency assets. The strategy includes: digital economic policy, national economic policy, monetary policy, block chain policy, new issue of token information and the global ranking of the top 300 ICO information.

  • 240 million times technical analyses and data operations are performed every second:

    It integrated four of the world's leading intelligent trading strategy systems. And eight of the world's most mainstream trading strategies and trading models are involved also. These strategies and technologies constituting the most effective technical analysis system in the world. No matter who you are, it can come up with a strategy that fits your situation.

  • AI tools monitor thousands of crypto currencies worldwide in real time:

    AIT intelligent automatic trading system provides investors with the most comprehensive trading tools and services in the financial trading market. It can monitor more than 1,000 digital currencies around the world in real time. Automate transactions by analyzing and selecting the best currency. The whole intelligent analysis only need 0.01 seconds. Effectively reduce trading risk.

AI Trading System

DAFEX automatic intelligent trading system - “AIT”. After many years of research and development, our team uses block chain technology to strengthen AI into an intelligent asset management robot. Use unique multi-user technology to link personal digital assets on the Internet and platform. Profits can be realized by AIT robot. Our goal is to create the largest community of AI digital assets and a globally distributed AI marketplace. And developed the world's most perfect automatically intelligent trading system.

  • Multi-level Policy System:

    Using artificial intelligence strategy analysis engine to provide investors with professional digital currency investment strategies.
  • Smart Investment Manager:

    Discover, select, analyze and collate data and information based on global digital currency transaction data, market conditions and big data of public opinion. Build an intelligent investment bank of digital currency.
  • Multi-dimensional Data Sharing Platform:

    According to the objective situation of users, choose and provide investment strategies that meet the personalized needs of individual assets.

The 6 Highlights

Easy to Learn

The self-study ability of AI, it let the terminal system can learn and collect information independently in the process of operation. As its performance increases, the terminal system will be able to meet all your needs.

Round the Clock

AIT automatic intelligent trading system operates 24 hours a day. After setting the initialization parameters, the trading system will automatically trade according to the policy.And automatically buy or sell after achieving the set conditions.

Develop the Soundly Trading Strategy

Multiple trading strategies are built into the AIT automatic intelligent trading system. You can be "conservative" till "radical +", multiple patterns meet different risk types.

Monitor Multiple Trades Simultaneously

Hundreds of transactions running at the same time will be supported. Every signal trade has its own thread. And monitor price, calculate strategy automatically. In addition, monitoring of transaction conditions on real-time in order to ensure the timeliness of transaction execution.

Intelligent Tracking Stops & Surplus

Set trigger conditions. After the profit ratio reaches the condition, the trading system automatically triggers the tracking instruction. The profit ratio continues to break through the highest when market prices have been rising. However, if the price falling down, conditions been trigger, then the tracking instruction is open up.

Global Strategic Cooperation

All orders are executed on LMAX, the largest international mobile platform.
HuoBi, a well-known exchange, provides trading data of blockchain and digital currency.
All transaction data stored in EQUINIX, the largest international server center.

The Four Positioning

For Digital Currency
For the Core Trading System
Based on Artificial Intelligence
For the Core Strategy System
The Most Transparent Assets
Manage Data and Reports
Automated Management
Leads to a Cycle of Wealth
























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